Canine Allergies: Common FAQ Answers

Breast Cancer Affects Pets Too

Canine Lyme Disease

Dilated Cardiomyopathy In Dogs

Ear Mites In Cats

GI Upset And Bland Diets

Heart Disease In Dogs

Heartworm Disease: Common FAQ Answers

Information About UTIs & Crystals

Kennel Cough

Lily Ingestion – The Dangers For Your Cat

Osteoarthritis: Example Of Care From A Vet

Stomach Bloat In Dogs

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A Guide To Dental Care For Your Pet

Bringing Home A New Pet

Bringing Home A New Baby: Tips For Pet Introductions

Boredom Behavior: Curbing Bad Habits

Common Conditions of Pet Birds

Destructive Dogs: Separation Anxiety vs. Boredom

Do Prescription Diets Actually Make A Difference?

Dog Body Language: What Does It Mean?

Fear Free Is The Way To Be

Feline Care Tips For Vet Visits

Helping Pets Overcome Car Anxiety

How To Choose The Proper Collar Or Harness For Your Dog

Importance Of E-Collars For Surgery Recovery Success

Instinct vs. Domesticated Life

Joining The Fear Free Movement

Kitten Vaccination Timeline

My Pet Is Lost – What Do I Do Now?

Pet Fire Safety Tips

Pet Vaccination FAQ

Picky About The Potty?

Puppy Training Tips

Puppy Vaccination Timeline

Resource Guarding: Teaching Your Pet To Share

Senior Pet Awareness Month: A Message From Megan

Share The Love With Your Pet

The Tully Tree Benevolent Care Fund

TVH’s Tips For A Year Of Pet Care Success

Urinary Health For Your Pet

What’s The Deal With Bloodwork?



Dog-Friendly Summertime Activities

What Your Pet Sitter Needs To Know Before You Go On Vacation

Holiday Pet Dangers

Halloween Tips For Anxious Pets

Pet Safety Tips for 4th of July

Summer Safety Tips For Your Dog

Tips To Manage Your Pet’s Holiday Stress



Embark Genetic Screening At TVH – Completes 100th Test

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Embark Genetic Screening At TVH – Case Study #2: Zoe

Embark Genetic Screening At TVH – Case Study #3: Aspen

Embark Genetic Screening At TVH – Case Study #4: Tesla


The resources linked above are from the TVH Blog. For additional pet care resources, we recommend visiting the American Kennel Club or Great Pet Care

You may also contact our office at any time and we would be happy to help answer any of your pet care questions!