Frequently Asked Questions

Is Direct Health new?

Direct Health is the newly updated version of our previous telemedicine software known as Medici. The content and user functions of the app are the exact same. The only differences are the name, logo, and cover photo of the app. If you have previously used Medici, your device may automatically update to Direct Health. If it does not automatically update, then you may need to delete Medici from your phone and download Direct Health from your app store. The same login information will remain valid for the new app, but you may be asked to log in again. If you are unsure of your login information, you may make a new account or reset your password using your email. If you have any questions during this transition, please call our office.

What is Direct Health?

Direct Health is our mobile application that connects you directly with our veterinarians through secure text chat. It allows our doctors to care for your pet from anywhere. We see the Direct Health app as a way to continue caring for your pet at times when you aren’t sure that an office visit is needed or a trip to the hospital is not possible.

How do I get the Direct Health app?

You can download the app for your iPhone or Android device here: Get Direct Health App Here

How do I connect with my Doctor?

After you have downloaded the app, you may input our direct connect code. This code is only available to our current clients. Please call the office to receive the code for your pet’s primary physician.

When should I use Direct Health?

We aim to use Direct Health as another way to connect with clients to provide patient care:

  • Follow-up from a previous illness or after surgery
  • Consultations to determine if a visit to the hospital is warranted for a new problem
  • Diabetic and other chronic disease management (depending on the situation)
  • After-hours consultations for minor problems and/or to determine if emergency care is needed

Is there a cost?

There may be a consult fee for this service at the Vet’s discretion, which would be charged at the completion of the conversation. This may vary depending on the duration or timeframe of the consult. If the Vet deems an in-person appointment is required, the consult charge will be credited back to you at the time of the appointment. There may be an additional charge for after-hours or weekend consults.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with further questions. We are thrilled to offer our telemedicine app to better serve our patients!