This series of videos is provided as a service to anyone curious about what is involved in the process of a veterinary dental cleaning. Our precious companion animals require a bit more attention when it comes to a trip to the dentist’s chair, or in this case a dental wet-table, please take this quick 5 minute tour to learn what goes into this intricate but very important healthcare process.


This is where all it begins with lab work, a pre-anesthesia exam and an EKG. Have you ever wondered how, in one quick morning, we get your pet evalated by a Veterinary Cardiologist? Learn Here!


Anesthesia carries a lot of scary and unknown fears. This video explains step by step the process so you’ll know what to expect. Don’t worry, there is nothing here to make you queezy. Check it out!


This video covers the actual dental cleaning itself. Its much like what you would see in a human dentist’s office, only with a canine smile and an anesthesia technician. Just Watch!


With the procedure over, it’s time to wake up and recover from the anesthesia. This entire process is covered and explained so you know where your little one will be. Look and See!

Home Care

Though brushing is always best, we recognize its not always possible. Here are some good tools and tips on what to do after the procedure to insure great dental health. Find out here!