Telford Veterinary Hospital

78 Souderton Hatfield Pike
Souderton, PA 18960


Appointment Policy

To allow ample time for all patients and scheduled surgical procedures, we operate primarily by appointment. Emergency cases shall always receive top priority, which is why occasional appointment delay is inevitable. Please realize that we make a sincere attempt to see each client on time.

Prescription Policy

Telford Veterinary Hospital uses an efficient combination of in-hospital and home delivery services for prescription medications, diets and nutraceuticals that may be used during the medical care and management of your pet.  Online access for our home delivery service is provided through a partnership with Vets First Choice, a Vet-VIPPS, PCAB accredited pharmacy. All prescriptions originating at Telford Veterinary Hospital will be managed through one of the following methods:  Prescription will be dispensed in-house, prescription will be referred to Vets First Choice for fulfillment and shipping or a written script may be requested and obtained in person. As a matter of information security and hospital policy, requests for prescriptions will not be sent via facsimile or email under any circumstances. Furthermore, clients are cautioned against using other prescription sources due to the following risks:

- There is the possibility that the prescription drugs received from these vendors may be counterfeit and may not have been approved by the FDA; the vaccines may not have been approved by the USDA; and the pesticides may not have been approved by the EPA. This has occurred in the past and could recur.
- As the provider of your pet’s care, our medical records keep track of all drugs dispensed by us to you.  When you purchase your prescriptions elsewhere, our computer tracking system is not activated to print instructions for use or risks of adverse effects or to send reminders for follow-up exams and/or lab tests that may be needed to monitor results or adverse reactions.
- You may not have the prescription drug(s) available soon enough to start your pet’s medications at the optimal time to provide relief for his/her condition.
- When prescription products are purchased elsewhere, our staff members are unavailable to teach you how to administer them.
- The number of tablets or capsules, milligram size of the unit, volume and/or concentration of liquid, and number of authorized refills may differ from that prescribed by the attending doctor,
- Manufacturer rebates that would ordinarily be available for products purchased from this facility generally will not be available.
- The manufacturer’s warranties or guarantees for these products may not be valid.  This means if your pet’s condition is not effectively treated with the product(s), manufacturers may not stand behind their products or product liability procedures.  Additionally, the owners of and doctors at this facility will be unable to assist you in claims against those manufacturers.
- Vaccines that are shipped through surface carriers and that arrive at your home unrefrigerated may be ineffective.  Even if you reconstitute the vaccines you receive, you may be unable to administer them properly or may injure yourself or your pet when doing so.
- Due to the fact the vaccines were not administered by a veterinarian, they may not be accepted as valid by kennels, airlines, licensing agencies or veterinary practices.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect or give out any information to any third party vendors or internet businesses.  No information will ever be disclosed to outside parties from us.

It's that simple! We strictly adhere to this policy.

Telford Veterinary Hospital recognizes the importance of protecting the personal privacy of its clients, its patients and those individuals who simply visit our site.

Your privacy is also protected in our hospital.  At no time is any information given out about the client or the pet without the consent of the owner.

Patient Arrival Policy

For your protection, and that of others, all dogs must be on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area or exam rooms.

All cats must be presented in an appropriate cat carrier or on a leash.

For your convenience, drop-off' appointments are available. A 'drop off' means you could bring your pet at the time that works best for you and leave him/her with us for a couple of hours. Usually we will ask you to drop off' sometime in the morning so our doctors can examine the patient in between appointments or at the time purposely reserved for admitted patients. Once the doctor is done, she will give you a call to go over the diagnosis and to give you discharge instructions.

For the safety of all animals in our care, we require that all vaccinations be up to date. Even though we make every effort to make our patients feel comfortable during visits, they may be a little uneasy about new people, new surroundings and other pets. This is one of the reasons we ask you to restrain your pet. We recommend that animals be placed on a leash or in pet carriers before entering the waiting room.

Financial Policy

Our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive veterinary care available for your pet. An important part of the mission is making the cost of optimal care as easy and manageable for our clients as possible by offering several payment options. Telford Veterinary Hospital requires payment in full at the end of your pet's examination and/or at the time of discharge.

Payment Options:

You can choose from:

- Cash, Check, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® or Discover Card®

- NO INTEREST1 Monthly Payment Plans2 from CareCredit®

- Allow you to begin treatment today and pay over time with NO INTEREST1

- Available for any treatment amount

- Can be used repeatedly - for your entire family - without having to reapply 2

Deposit & Billing:

For some treatments, health care plans or hospitalized care, a deposit may be required in order to begin your pet's treatment.  For any hospitalized care, medical procedures or treatment plans with an anticipated cost exceeding $500.00, a 50% deposit will be required.  We do not offer in-house financing options in light of the No Interest option that CareCredit offers. We charge 18% APR on all outstanding account balances older than 30 days. If you have an account 90 days past due, Telford Veterinary Hospital reserves the right to relinquish your balance to a third party for collection.

Additional Policy Information:

Telford Veterinary Hospital charges $30 for returned checks. A fee of may be charged for clients who miss or cancel appointments without 24 hours notice. For clients with pet insurance, we are happy to provide you with the necessary documentation to submit a claim to your insurance carrier.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to provide the best veterinary care available for your pet.                                 

1 If paid within the promotional period.  Otherwise interest is assessed from purchase date.  No minimum purchase required.

2 Subject to credit approval.