Telford Veterinary Hospital: Hospital Policy Overview

Our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive veterinary care available for your pet. An important part of the mission is making the cost of optimal care as easy and manageable for our clients as possible by offering several payment options. Telford Veterinary Hospital requires payment in full at the end of your pet’s examination and/or at the time of discharge.

Payment Options:

Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover Card® or CareCredit®

Deposits & Billing:

Certain treatments, health care plans, and hospitalized care may require a deposit in order to begin your pet’s treatment.  For any hospitalized care, medical procedures, or treatment plans with an anticipated cost exceeding $500.00, a 50% deposit will be required.  In-house financing options are not available in light of the No Interest option that CareCredit offers. An 18% APR is charged on all outstanding account balances older than 30 days. With accounts 90 days past due, Telford Veterinary Hospital reserves the right to relinquish balances to a third party for collection. Telford Veterinary Hospital charges $30 for returned checks. A missed appointment fee may be charged for clients who miss or cancel appointments without 24-hour notice. 

Tardiness & Missed Appointment Policy:

Our team would greatly appreciate it if clients could prioritize arriving on time for appointments. While we’re sure clients do not arrive late on purpose, we still believe it’s important for clients to realize how tardiness impacts our office. When you arrive late to an appointment, it often results in delayed care for other clients and patients who did arrive on time. Our team has been stretched thin lately due to the increased demand for pet care, and delays can cause unnecessary strain on our team.

We kindly ask all clients to consider arriving 5-10 minutes early for their appointments to ensure all check-in processes are completed promptly to keep our schedule on time for our staff, your appointment, and the patients coming after you.

By arriving on time you allow us to ensure we are providing both you and others with the best possible level of care. Thank you in advance for managing your time successfully and arriving on time for appointments.

If a client is responsible for repetitive tardiness, late cancellations, or no-shows, then it will be up to the office management’s discretion to implement a requirement for deposits before scheduling future appointments. Please contact our office with any questions and a manager would be happy to speak with you.

We take the care of our team members very seriously and will not tolerate any inappropriate or rude behavior in our office. The Telford Veterinary Hospital office management reserves the right to deny services to any client who is deemed to be disrespectful to our team. 

Pet Insurance Policy:

Telford Veterinary Hospital is not affiliated with any pet insurance companies. We require full payment from our clients at the time services are rendered. Should you, our client, choose to seek reimbursement from an insurance carrier, we will supply you with the documentation you request to support your claim. Our team is not responsible for filing or submitting insurance claims on your behalf.

If you are interested in learning more about pet insurance, our partners at PetDesk have created an easy-to-use comparison of pet insurance plans for your furry friends! By filling out PetDesk’s quick form with your pet’s details, you can gain access to a straightforward comparison of pet insurance plans for your unique pet. Check it out here!

Our team highly recommends conducting your own research to find which plan works best for you and your pet’s needs. Some of our clients have used  Trupanion Pet Insurance and Nationwide Pet Insurance which are just some of the many options available for pet owners.  We also suggest viewing articles from FUND and FORBES to aid in your research. We also suggest checking out this comparison resource from Pet Insurance Review

Additional Information Regarding CareCredit:

CareCredit knows pets are family, too. That’s why they offer veterinary financing to help keep your most cherished family members in top shape. Whether you use it to cover annual expenses like wellness visits or for unexpected costs like pet prescriptions, the CareCredit healthcare credit card makes it easy to give your pets the care they need, when they need it. You can use your CareCredit healthcare credit card for Annual Wellness Visits, Spay/Neuter, Teeth Cleaning, Medications, Diagnostics, Vaccinations, & more! Ask our staff for more information or apply below.

Medication Refill Request Policy:
All medication refill requests will require 48 hours to be completed. If you need a medication sooner than 48 hours, you will be charged an expedited fee. This policy is in place for both requests provided via the phone, via the PetDesk app, via our online pharmacy with Covetrus, or via other vendors. The Expedited Medication Fee was implemented in early 2023 to address the requests from clients who placed medication requests to be filled the same day or within a few hours and weren’t willing or able to wait to pick up the next day. Same-day requests require that a nurse is pulled from their regular duties to immediately process these requests as well as interrupt the doctors during their appointment schedule to get clarification and approval on those medications. Normally, we schedule specific times during the day for the nurses to process the day’s medication requests and prepare them for pick up by clients the next day. We ask all clients to please keep track of their pet’s medications and give our office plenty of notice when refills are due to provide our team with appropriate time to complete the request. Please call our office with any questions.