• Aggression Questionnaire

    KEY: NR=No reaction; S=Snarl (noise); L=Lift lip (can see corner teeth); B=Bark (aggressive, not an alerting bark); G=Growl (not a play growl); SP=Snap (no connection with skin); BT=Bite (connects with skin, regardless of damage) ; WD=Withdraw or avoid; NA=Not applicable (animal has never been in that situation)
    This screen can be used in three ways:
    • To note the presence or absence, at any time, of any of the behaviors
    • By the clients to keep as a log about the baseline behavior, noting how many times the behavior occurs, given the number of times it is attempted, per unit time (i.e., per week)
    • To keep a log about frequencies of the occurrence behaviors, given the number of times the circumstance has been encountered, at different intervals during treatment so that these numbers can be compared with those in (2)
    Please note if the reaction is consistent in style, or only directed toward one person, or only present in one restricted circumstance. If using this screen only for the first use, note if the dog has been worsening in intensity or frequency in any category.