Jonathan Detweiler – Hospital Administrator

Jon is the Hospital Administrator and one of the owners of Telford Veterinary Hospital, joining Dr. Minninger and the senior staff in 2006. He received his degree in Emergency Management from Hahnemann University in 1998. He began his career in public safety as a Paramedic and managed several Emergency Medical Service organizations as well as Medevac companies before making the career shift into Veterinary Medicine. With this diverse background he brought new ideas and concepts to the veterinary business. Jon believes that leadership through a consistently, positive example is the only way to ultimately achieve success in business. Capitalizing on every opportunity to help the staff grow is the foundation of his daily activities. He also works closely with Dr. Minninger to deliver a specialized Canine Emergency Care class to law enforcement canine officers as well as a Canine Critical Care class to local EMS professionals who are having an increasing exposure to injured pets. In his time away from the practice he enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling, camping and cooking.

Megan Z. – Veterinary Technician/Clinical Care Manager

Megan started with Telford Veterinary Hospital in 2014 after deciding to go back to school to become a Veterinary Technician. She graduated in 2011 from East Stroudsburg with a B.S. in Athletic Training. She worked in the Sports Medicine field for four years and served as an EMT. Her lifelong passion for her personal pets inspired a big career change. You may have seen her French Bulldog, Finley, behind the front desk or on our social media platforms as the star of “Frenchie Friday.” She also has a sweet cat at home named Miles. Her interests in Hospice Care allow her to use her background in physical therapy to help our senior pet community. She looks forward to her opportunities to be an educator to our community’s first responders and private citizens through our K9 first aid and CPR courses.

Cassie Tyson – Receptionist/Customer Care Manager

Cassie joined the Telford Vet staff in April of 2017 after spending nearly 10 years working in Retirement Living Marketing and Sales. She graduated from West Chester University in 2008 with a degree in Marketing. She takes an active role in managing the day to day client relations in the hospital as well as being the face and voice of the hospital through social media. When she isn’t interacting through our social media platforms or helping to manage external marketing events, she greatly enjoys getting to know our clients and their pets. Outside of the hospital she enjoys spending time with her Miniature Schnauzer, Tucker, being with family and friends, trying as many restaurants as possible and planning her next road-trip or adventure!

Kristen H. – Certified Fear Free Veterinary Technician/Education Coordinator

Kris graduated from Slippery Rock University in 2007 with a B.S. in Accounting and minor in Finance. After spending some time in the field, she realized her true passion was helping animals. After attending the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh she became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2012. When she isn’t hard at work with animals she enjoys spending time with her husband Dan and twin boys, Colton and Declan. In addition to her young boys their house is also busy with their Chihuahua, Jillian and two cats named Chooch and Chilli! She recently received her Fear Free Certification for stress free pet visits!

Nina G. – Veterinary Technician/Home Delivery Specialist

Nina started as a Veterinary Technician with Telford Veterinary Hospital in 2006. She has been working fulltime with animals since she graduated with A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology as a Licensed Veterinary Technician from Harcum College in 2002. She is an incredibly dedicated clinician and is also affectionately known around the office as the team jokester who capable of pulling off the most elaborate of pranks. Her experience and expertise has been put to work as the Home Delivery Specialist managing medication requests through our home delivery pharmacy system and interacting with clients as working to make their online experience as good as possible. Nina enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Kirstin C. – Surgical Technician/Veterinary Technician

Kirstin first started with Telford Veterinary Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant in 2010 and now serves as a license Veterinary Technician. She graduated with A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology from Northampton Community College in 2011 and received a B.S. in Psychology from DeSales University in 1996. She is an extremely skilled clinician and she currently works as a Surgical Technician directly assisting the veterinarians in routine and emergency procedures. Kirstin enjoys spending time with her husband as well as two domestic short hair cats named Sprinkles and Noodle.

Lisa C. – Veterinary Technician

Lisa joined our hospital team in 2011 after spending nearly a decade in Marketing and Communications. She graduated Temple University in 2001 with a bachelor’s in business and marketing. She returned to school and graduated from Lehigh County Community College in 2015 with an A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Lisa developed a passion for Veterinary Emergency Care and previously worked in an emergency hospital pursuing her passion. She also spent time teaching Surgery and Anesthesia to second year Veterinary Technician students at Manor College. Lisa has a very special place in her heart for feline creatures. She has two very special domestic short hair cats that share her life; Aslan (pictured here) and Chase.

Mike G. – Veterinary Assistant/Clinical Development Coordinator

Mike is one of the longest tenured team members and has served as a Veterinary Assistant since July 2005. He originally came to the hospital on a work study program from Souderton Area High School and after excelling rapidly at his veterinary duties was offered a position as a Veterinary Assistant. He graduated in 2010 from Penn State University with a B.S. in Biology and left the hospital to pursue a research position with Johnson and Johnson. He returned to the staff in a full-time capacity in 2014 to continue the work he started as a Veterinary Assistant. Mike is instrumental in making sure patients on prescription foods are taken care of through our prescription diet program. Mike also is one of the hospital’s Clinical Development Coordinators, he acts as a liaison between the hospital’s senior staff and our vendors, manufactures and drug companies. When he is not at the hospital, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family, traveling around in his Rubicon with his Airedale Terrier, Seamus, going to concerts, attempting to golf and studying physics.

Tana H. – Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Tana was a hospital client for 10 years before joining our staff as a Veterinary Assistant in 2014. She brings with her many years of experience and enthusiasm for training in dog sport activities including conformation show handling, competitive canine weight-pulling, competitive flyball racing and dabbling in agility and rally obedience. Tana – shown here on the right with her dog Grunt – lines up at the start of a flyball race with one of her teammates, Jennifer R. and Mayhem on the left (Photo by Tiffany Duffy Photography).

Kendra D. – Receptionist

Kendra joined Telford Veterinary Hospital in 2017. She graduated from Lancaster Bible College in 2016 with an A. A. in Bible. She has always had a love for animals and is passionate about helping pet owners learn how to better care for their pets through social media. She assists with distributing content through Telford Vet’s Twitter, Pinterest and Blog platforms. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering with children at her church and with Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue at weekend events. She also enjoys spending time with her Labrador mix, Ryder, and is currently working towards having him certified as a therapy dog.

Rachel L. – Veterinary Assistant

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Brooke D. – Veterinary Assistant

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Heidi and Laverne – Office Protectors

Heidi and Laverne are therapy dogs that live with the practice owners. Heidi is an American Dingo, an unusual creature who was originally donated to and adopted for the purpose of Canine Search and Rescue work but she was more equipped for Therapy Dog work. Laverne is a Belgian Tervuren who was adopted specifically for his breed attributes which include and undying loyalty and high intelligence. Heidi (pictured left) is a certified Therapy Dog and Laverne (top right) is finishing his training and working toward certification. They can be found at the hospital in their owner’s office, frequently wandering the hallways and occasionally greeting clients at the front desk. They love the great outdoors and kids, and they are both skilled hunters. American Dingos are one of the only dogs indigenous to the United States, their ancestral brothers and sisters can be found in the swamp lands of the Carolinas and Georgia. They are a bark-less breed with incredibly strong pack nature. If you are lucky, Heidi may just “yodel” for you. Belgian Tervurens have a long lineage as a working and herding breed. They are incredibly talented and intuitive, Laverne is a keen observer of his entire environment, always watching and ready to “herd” or corral any wayward children or animals. Laverne actually has his own Facebook page, follow his antics here.