Telford Vet has now partnered with Embark Veterinary to provide canine DNA screenings to gain valuable information regarding your dog’s genetic health and provide your veterinarian with actionable insights to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives.


Telford Vetinerary Hospital now offers DNA health screening for your dog. With greater than 99% accuracy, our new DNA tests screen for more than 210 genetic health conditions and unlocks breed ancestry, which can inform health care.

With just one cheek swab, your veterinarian can learn actionable insights and create a personalized care plan for your dog. Together, we can be proactive and improve your dog’s health! Contact us to take the next step in providing for your dog’s wellness and schedule a DNA test.


How Does It Work?
👉🏻 We collect a DNA sample at Telford Vet with a simple cheek swab.
👉🏻 Our team activates your account and sends the DNA sample to the Embark labs. 
👉🏻 When we receive the results, our genetic specialist on staff will call you to schedule a time for us to personally go over the results with you.


Quick Facts
👉🏻 75% of dogs are at risk or a carrier of a genetic disease. Knowledge is key for proactive care.
👉🏻 More breeds are tested than any other DNA test, with over 350 breeds, types, and varieties. 
👉🏻 Embark delivers the most accurate results and is the highest-rated dog DNA test.


Discover The Breeds In Your Dog

Embark uses over 200,000 unique genetic markers to identify the breed composition of any dog, from the youngest pup to your oldest companion.

Learn About Specific Breed Health

Some breeds are more prone to certain genetic diseases than others, so it’s vital to understand how your dog’s genetic makeup can contribute to lifelong health. Embark helps you stay prepared through continuous updates and research that goes directly to your results page. Embark can also give you an estimate of a puppy’s future adult weight and uncover your dog’s genetic age so you can understand how your dog will actually grow.


Develop A Personalized Care Plan With The Vet

The testing checks over 210 genetic diseases to give you and your vet the power to prepare for—and even prevent—illnesses before they strike. The Embark team of scientists reviews each dog’s health findings by hand to make sure they can stand by 100% of their results. If a dog does test positive for a condition, the TVH Vets will work alongside Embark to come up with the best treatment plan moving forward.

TVH Hosted Embark Executives

We had the privilege of hosting the Executive Leadership Team from Embark Vet, who visited to gain a more thorough understanding of the Veterinary industry from the perspectives of both the hospital staff and the clients we serve. Dr. Minninger, our Hospital Administrator, Jon, and our TVH Genetic Specialist, Jess, spent the morning reviewing cases, observing interactions, and discussing our operations with the executives.

The highlight of the morning was when the Benner family and their dog Molly, pictured here, had an opportunity to meet those responsible for saving Molly’s life after her genetic results revealed a potentially life-threatening blood disorder. It was truly a special moment where we all got to witness the true value of genetic insights and how its impact can be measured by four paws, a heartbeat, and a grateful family. Learn more about Molly’s story here.

You can also check out the full case story report here which outlines the results from the pilot program that Telford Vetinerary Hospital hosted for Embark Veterinary.


If you have any questions about Embark Genetic Testing, call our office to talk with one of our genetic specialists on staff at TVH!

Photos courtesy of Embark