Even experienced dog owners come across unruly pups that might need a little extra help learning basic manners. Or, maybe your pet needs another level of challenge and you want to explore having them become a certified therapy dog? We have vetted local trainer recommendations!

In-person training is currently unavailable at Telford Veterinary Hospital. We hope to resume our training program soon.



Dr. Loeffler has recently completed a virtual Cooperative Care training program in partnership with Uluru and Philly Unleashed. This program is designed to help you train your pet successfully accept routine home grooming care and veterinary care!

Vet care can be scary or overwhelming for some pups. Would your pet benefit from lessons on accepting veterinary care? We’ve teamed up with other local dog professionals to help.
Uluru Virtual Dog Training just launched their newest course for June 2021, a Fear Free Cooperative Care Series with Fear Free certified professionals Alicia Harantschuk of Philly Unleashed and Dr. Joanne Loeffler of Telford Veterinary Hospital!
Courses include:
👉🏻Introduction to Cooperative Care
👉🏻Body Handling for Sensitive Dogs
👉🏻Place Training for Exams
👉🏻Oral Medications
Plus, new chapters every month: Nails, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Muzzle, Scale & more!
Not a member of Uluru yet? Join for just $19 a month (or $119 a year!) and gain unlimited access to a variety of on-demand courses, live classes through the week, and exclusive specialty workshops at https://www.ulurutraining.com/?via=joanne today!

Puppy Life Skills Training Class – AKC Puppy S.T.A.R Program

For young pups up to 6 months of age, this six week training class helps build confidence, learn basic manners, and have lots of fun social time with other pups and people. The class structure is one half hour of socialization time and one half hour of training time. *Week one is humans only.* Class size is limited to 6 puppies. Register here!

No Classes Currently Scheduled

Adult Manners Training Class – Canine Good Citizen Certification

For dogs over 6 months who need to bolster their manners and work towards their Canine Good Citizen Certification. This eight week training class prepares your dog to be a great citizen of the community. In class your dog will work around distractions, medical equipment and more. After completing the 8 week course owners may elect to take the certification test for their pet’s Canine Good Citizen degree! Class size is limited to 8 dogs. Register here!

No Classes Currently Scheduled

Therapy Dog Certification Class

If your dog has already attained their Canine Good Citizen Certification through our program or another, this class is your next step! This eight week training class will give you and your partner the tools to test for Therapy Dog Certification on the last night of class. 4 registered dogs required to host class. Class size is limited to 8 dogs. Register here!

No Classes Currently Scheduled

We can assist you in enjoying your pet even more with personalized behavior evaluations and spot training for specific behaviors, using training methods that trick your pet into thinking that learning is fun! With high value treats and other rewards used during training, we can help transform your dog into the dog your pet has the potential to be!

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